Kimmy Teen

First Impressions

Kimmy Teen is without question one of the cutest young models I’ve seen on the web. She’s adorable in every way from her curly brown hair to her pretty blue eyes to her sweet smile to her tiny teen titties. On the tour they show her wearing brightly colored clothing or nothing at all. She’s almost always smiling too, even when she has her legs spread wide and her pussy is staring us in the face. She lives in Russia and she’s currently producing bunches of good stuff for us. Take the tour and you’ll see previews of lots of her content.

Hot Promises

Kimmy is generous with her tour, providing large size previews of her pictures. On the first picture preview page you’ll see some of the girl-girl content she has produced. She has good taste in girlfriends and the ladies get fully naked together and they hint at doing naughty stuff although I suspect it’s strictly softcore lesbian action. The solo previews are what you’d expect: lots of Kimmy in cute outfits and topless with a few pussy pictures in the mix. She’s pretty much the most adorable teen I’ve ever seen so I’m really looking forward to seeing more.


Despite the bombast of the tour the member’s area is pretty simple, with the four most recent updates listed at the top of the page along with preview pictures from the next three just below that. Your six bonus sites are listed as well and that’s it. Then it’s up to you to head to the picture or video page and download all the sexy action you can handle. Along the top of the page is a strip of links to the content sections. There are pictures, videos, friends and top rated. The friends page is actually just an advertisement for a webcam site so skip right over that.

The top rated page is actually pretty silly too because it’s based on votes, not popularity. They don’t tell you how many votes each gallery has garnered so one person could have given a gallery a 5 and shot it right to the top of the list. Skip over all that crap and go right for the picture galleries where you’ll find 23 galleries. That might not seem like much but it’s impressive when you consider that she has added those in just over a month. Kimmy Teen was launched on February 17, 2007 and it’s now March 22, 2008 and she’s been bulking up the site impressively.

I visited the site shortly after launch and they were having a major problem with the thumbnails not loading. You’d enter a gallery and the first ten thumbnails would show up and the rest would load as broken images, with that nasty little red X showing up where an image should be. I figured it was a launch issue and they would iron it out eventually but it’s still a problem in roughly half the galleries and at this point they’ve had more than enough time to figure it out. It’s not a showstopper because you can click the broken image and the full size picture pops up, but if you’re used to browsing pictures via thumbnailed galleries you can forget about it. That’s impossible here at Kimmy Teen.

Amongst the 23 galleries there are 4 that feature other girls. Although they hinted at some sexy pussy eating action the galleries are in fact lesbian softcore where all you get is a hint. The girls pose close to each other’s pussies and maybe even stick their tongues out when the picture is snapped but they never go beyond that. It’s not the worst thing in the world but they could certainly do better. I suppose it’s fitting with the innocent teen look they’re pursuing for the rest of the site. That notion is reinforced in the solo galleries.

Kimmy Teen falls into a specific category when it comes to adult modeling. She doesn’t pose in anything overtly sexy, instead choosing t-shirts and cute shorts and skirts. She likes colorful clothing and underwear; with a few exceptions she’s all about being the cutest, most innocent looking teen babe possible. She’s utterly perfect for the guys looking for that. She gets fully nude in most sets, exposing her lovely looking pussy and her tiny teen tits for us. She even has cute tan lines, showing that she spends plenty of time in a bikini, although it’s a shame we don’t see that bikini here.

There are nine videos for you and they need to do a little work on the display. The only information you get about each clip is a small screen capture. There are no titles, no descriptions, no running time; nothing at all. The clips are good looking at 640x480 and since there aren’t many you should just download them all and have fun being surprised at what you get. There’s one in the shower, one with a busty chick, one in the bathtub, one in her bedroom and one in the kitchen. They’re all fairly similar, with Kimmy posing in a cute outfit and then getting naked. It’s nice to see her body in motion and to get close up shots of her teen pussy.

There are six bonus sites that come free with your membership. Each is a solo babe site just like Kimmy Teen and the girls vary in quality, although each of you will have a different interpretation of which ones are hot and which are ugly. If you ask me Amber is a bit of a dog while Allie is a hottie, thanks in part to her breasts, which are the largest and most beautiful natural boobs I’ve ever seen on an 18 year old. I encourage you to look at each of the bonus sites yourself to get some idea of whether you’ll find them satisfying.

Croco’s Opinion

Kimmy Teen is one of the most adorable young models on the web. The Russian teen model bares all of her body in her picture sets and she has a lovely pair of teen tits and a tight little pussy. She’s fond of cute, colorful outfits and there are a few sets where she poses with other cute teens. She flashes that cute smile in every photo set and she’s totally irresistible if you ask me. The site was launched a little more than a month ago so it hasn’t yet matured but you get six free bonus sites to compensate for the lack of content.


More than half the thumbnailed photo galleries can’t be used because the thumbs are coming up as broken images. The videos are difficult to browse because they provide no information about them outside of a small preview picture.

Pricing Policy

It’s $29.95 for 30 days access.

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